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Did you know? We have over 700 muscles in our body.

All the muscles in our body can be classified into three types.

These are:

  1. Voluntary or Skeletal Muscles,
  2. Involuntary or Smooth Muscles,
  3. Cardiac Muscles


I. Voluntary/ Skeletal Muscles

Did you know? Males have more skeletal muscles than females.

These muscles are called voluntary muscles because we have control over their movements.

There are two types of voluntary muscles: slow twitch and fast twitch.

  • Slow twitch muscles-You use them while swimming, running marathons, cycling marathons
  • Fast twitch muscles-You use them for sprints

 II. Involuntary or Smooth Muscles .

-These muscles make up the internal structure and walls of all organs in our body- lungs, digestive system, excretory system, veins and arteries

-We cannot have any conscious control over these muscles and they are controlled by the brain.

III. Cardiac Muscles

Did you know? The heart has a natural pacemaker that is made up of cardiac tissues that fuel the other cardiac muscle tissues to contract.

Did you know?

The size of the muscle tissue can also increase or decrease due to hormones and food intake.

Muscle cells increase in size when they are amply exercised and have the right hormones.

Lack of exercise and food can make muscle cells shrink.


The smallest muscle is found in the ear


How to Keep Muscles Healthy?

  1. Physical Activity:

Physical activity helps to make all the muscles (including heart muscles) stronger by adding more mass to the muscles so they become larger, stronger and more powerful.

  1. Healthy Diet:

A healthy diet provides all the nutrients that are essential for healthy muscles and a healthy body.

  1. Prevention of Injury: Muscle injuries can be very uncomfortable and can prevent a person from physical activity for a while. It is best to try and avoid injuries to maintain top muscular health.

The most common injuries that happen during fitness training are:

  1. Sprains: This injury involves a joint where the ligaments are either stretched or torn. This could happen due to twisting of the joint or excessive stress on it.
  1. Muscle strain:In simple words, it is called a muscle pull. This injury normally happens when the muscle needs to contract suddenly with a lot of force. The injury occurs because either the muscle is not suitably stretched and warmed up, or it is too weak to take the force that is required of it due to lack of exercise or previous injury.

How to Prevent Injuries?

  • Proper warm-up before beginning strenuous exercises and a cool down routine after it, to ensure that the muscles relax gradually.
  • Wear proper protective kit to reduce risk while exercising.
  • Prevent dehydration, especially if you are exercising in warm conditions.
  • Stop exercising if you experience pain.
  • Increase the level of exercise slowly and gradually over a period of time.
  • Be cautious while lifting heavy articles.
  • Use proper technique to prevent injury.



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