1. The Chemist Partner should be duly registered as per the existing laws and rules of the state in which it is located, including the drug license from the central drug standard control organization and the state drugs standard control organization.
  2. The pharmacist must register all his particulars to the state government through an official gazette.
  3. The Chemist Partner must have the VAT registration.
  4. The Chemist Partner must have registered standard comprehensive pharmacy software installed and functioning and the required hardware, along with the generator back up.
  5. The Chemist Partner should ensure availability of a duly qualified and registered (with the pharmacy council) pharmacist round the clock for dispensing the medicines.
  6. The Chemist Partner must have a refrigerator and an air conditioner.
  7. It should not dispense a drug without a prescription from a RMP.
  8. Schedule H and Schedule X medicines should not be sold without prescription.
  9. Medicines should not be sold/ delivered to minors.
  10. Medicines that are not approved by State Drug Control Organization should not be sold.
  11. Medicines should not be exported without approval from the drug department of the respective country.
  12. The delivery of the medicines to the buyer should be made by a licensed pharmacist.
  13. Substitute/ alternative drugs should not be provided at any cost, without a fresh prescription.
  14. One prescription should not be honoured again, unless clearly specified on the prescription.
  15. Medicines to be delivered should be thoroughly checked for expiry dates.
  16. The turnaround time for delivery of the correct medicine to the correct address shall be two (2) hours from the time of receipt of prescription by the Chemist Partner from RxPlus.
  17. It should have a mechanism to verify the prescriptions. Crosspathy prescriptions should not be entertained.
  18. Any prescription with illegible handwriting/ names of drugs not written in capital letters/ prescriptions with obvious overwriting, manipulations and fabrications/ prescriptions without date or name and registration details of the prescribing RMP should not be entertained.
  19. The Chemist Partner should always maintain the cold chain or other environmental conditions as prescribed by the manufacturer of the drug, till the drug is delivered to the buyer.
  20. It shall be the responsibility of the Chemist Partner to explain the medicines, their dosages, storage conditions, warnings etc to the buyer of the medicine. Chemist Partner shall obtain an undertaking to the above effect from the buyer after dispensing/ delivering the drug to thebuyer.
  21. In case of an allegation/ grievance/ litigation etc due to erroneous dispensing of the drug (either wrong drug or in wrong strength or in wrong dose), the liability shall be totally that of the Chemist Partner. No liability shall lie in these set of circumstances, either directly or vicariously, on the RxPlus.
  22. Chemist Partner shall not sell medicines at a price beyond MRP.
  23. The Chemist Partner shall honestly pass on the advantage in price of the medicines, which they receive from the drug companies, to the buyer.
  24. The Chemist Partner shall not disclose any content of this MOU to any other RxPlus with which the Chemist Partner might tie up for the business. The confidentiality about the terms and conditions of this MOU shall be strictly maintained.
  25. As RxPlus is the first to enter into such MoU with this Chemist Partner, the Chemist Partner should always prioritise the prescriptions received through RxPlus, even if in future the Chemist Partner enters into agreement with any other RxPlus.
  26. The Chemist Partner shall preserve the hard copies of all the prescriptions received/ downloaded by itand those should be preserved for at least 5 years, unless required to be preserved for a longer time.
  27. The Chemist Partner Should incorporate the Cash memo / invoice # and value of the same on system shared with them to ensure, the records can be preserved for the aforesaid purpose.
  28. A log of all the prescriptions received and drugs dispensed, along with the names and addresses of the patients and the dispensing and delivering pharmacist shall be maintained and preserved by the member pharmacist.
  29. The medicines should be delivered only to the patient’s address.
  30. The Chemist Partner shall verify and certify the delivered drugs.
  31. The medicines shall not be shipped from one state to another.
  32. The amount towards the medicines should not be received prior to delivery of medicines.
  33. In case of any grievance the Chemist Partner should be able to handle the aggrieved customers/ consumers for quality, quantity and timelines of delivery of medicines.
  34. Chemist Partner should have a mechanism to verify and ascertain the genuineness and authenticity of the name, address, qualifications and registration number of the RMP whose prescription has been provided by the buyer.
  35. Chemist Partner should collect payment in cash or through secure payment gateway on delivery of medicine.
  36. RxPlus should be able to conduct periodical review to ascertain that Chemist Partneris not engaged into unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting e-commerce.