Questions And Answers Rxplus

Q. What is the normal number of hours for sleep for an adult?

The right amount of sleep varies from person to person depending on your Basal Metabolic rate and your lifestyle. It is however safe to say that an average of 8 hours sleep is good for most adults. Nevertheless, some may find 6 hours sleep enough and others may need 10 to complete their sleep.

Following are some indicators for you to know if you are not sleeping enough

  • - Frequently wake up with, heaviness, bodyache or headache
  • - Feel irresistibly drowsy during the day
  • - Unable to focus on your work/ task at hand
Q. If I snore, do I have sleep apnoea?

No, not necessarily. You snore when there is partial obstruction of your airway which is not harmful as such. Apnoea means stoppage of respiration/ breathing. Hence you have sleep apnoea only if your air passage is completely blocked (usually due to obesity) which causes stoppage of your breath for a few seconds. This can cause you to feel irresistibly sleepy during the day.

Q. What is the best way to lose weight? Diet or exercise?

The most ideal way to lose weight is to follow a combine diet and exercise regimen (based on your physical capacity). If you only diet, it doesn’t usually stay for a long time since it is difficult to control diet for a long time. Hence it’s not a sustainable model. If you only exercise it will take time but coupled with diet, accelerates the process of weight loss.

Q. Am I anorexic if I binge eat?

Anorexia nervosa is when you starve out of the need to reduce weight or due to psychological stress or behavioural issues and you reduce by 15% of your body weight. So if you are at your normal body weight or above and are binge eating coupled with self-induced vomiting or starvation, it would be labelled at Bulemia Nervosa. However if you are binge eating without any weight loss/ vomiting / starvation just to avoid weight gain, you are just binge eating.

So you need to address your binge eating only if it is coupled with any of the these- you are reducing weight below your BMI or are mentally stressed or are starving.