About Us Rxplus

We are a mixed group of professionals that have come together towards a common cause, which is to create a platform for people to live life happily and not just survive.That is why we call ourselves not just Rx but, Rx plus.

RxPlus Prayer

I pray that you stay so healthy that you never have to use me, but when you do,I hope to be that friend in need you message first!

Why plus?

The plus stands for an overload of smiles that we want to leave on people's faces by the use of this app. So yes, we not only prescribe medicines but a whole lot of RelaXation and smiles by taking up most, oh no, sorry, almost all your headaches right from fixing your doctor's appointment, standing for hours in the doctor's waiting room, fetching your medicines from the chemist, getting your lab investigations done right upto storing your medical records safely.

Well, that's not all. We also offer online video consultation with our panel of doctors of various fields.

We think 1 step ahead...

As it is said that the best of friends are those with whom you can share your happiness as much as your sadness.

We want to be that best friend, whom you come to even when healthy, so that you continue to stay healthy and not fall ill. We believe in a holistic health ie in a healthy body lives a healthy mind and vice versa. Hence apart from treatment options we have created a platform that can be a continuous source of information that will keep your hungry minds, souls and body satiated and happy.

Tech- med, the future of the medical fraternity...

We want to help doctor's lives easy by creating the opportunity for you to make use of technology in your practice. To know more about our app specially designed for Doctors, DrPlus click here.

Want to know more, a little about us

With the digital life booming in the metropolitan cities of India, life has become so hectic, bustling with an array of opportunities that have made it challenging for us to keep up with the pace of growth and development.

In such a scenario, making our health our priority is quite a challenge. Preventing illness is a farfetched thought. To be able to just attend to ourselves when illness strikes, is by itself the first hurdle we realise we have to overcome.

We at RxPlus want to make health and wellness a way of living for you and not just an end product of an ill health phase. Hence, we believe that prevention is better than cure and will promise to be a constant stimulator for maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Our prayer at RxPlus is that we hope you don’t need to use us, but if ever you do, may we be that first friend that you contact.Right from fixing your Doctor’s appointment, delivery of medicines at your doorstep, availing you of the blood sample collection facility at your home to getting your reports digitally, we take care of all your headaches.

With the trending nuclear family approach, it has become quite a task to take care of our extended big families. Hence we also offer ways for you to keep a record of your entire family’s health reports.

All this and moreat one stop shop, RxPlus, by just one click on your SmartPhones!