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With changing demography, more nuclear families, responsibility of ageing population, the question is more of who and how rather than affordability and willingness. Further, with growing healthcare requirement more towards customer service, patient care, time-bond care and all at comfort of home. Which is further getting augmented primarily on account of awareness and lifestyle changes. Hence with an intent of provide every basic healthcare needs on reliable and all at comfort of home through RxPlus -Smartphone Pharmacy.

We at RxPlus through our smartphone pharmacy cover complete range of services right from a) Appointment with Doctors, b) Buy Prescribed Medicines and get delivered by nearby Chemist within 2 Hrs c) Consulting with Doctors and get online views d) get Diagnostic Investigation done through home collection of sample.

With RxPlus be rest assured to get all healthcare needs at your doorstep, with an ease of SmartPhone sitting at comfort of home or even from distant location. Patient Care is of utmost priority for us and that is what RxPlus team thrives for.

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If I snore, do I have sleep apnoea?

No, not necessarily. You snore when there is partial obstruction of your airway which is not harmful as such. Apnoea means stoppage of respiration/ breathing. Hence you have sleep apnoea only if your air passage is completely blocked (usually due to obesity) which causes stoppage of your breath for a few seconds. This can cause you to feel irresistibly sleepy during the day.

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